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The Bottom Corner By Nige Tassel

This book is written to give readers an idea of the wonders and tribulations experienced in the non league football world.Each chapter has a different ‘theme’ but the book also follows particular stories throughout the whole book.

One thing that I thought was effective about the book was how Tassell made non league football seem so multidimensional, when it is all too often seen as a one dimensional experience. Tassell did this by focusing on a variety of topics such as scouting,international players and ground hopping which are not seen as traditional topics within the non league game.I also enjoyed reading this book because as a reader you really got a sense of the effort and skill put into the book by Tassell who travelled far and wide across the country to research these stories and he then wrote them in a very personal yet informative way.

On the other hand some parts of the book seemed a bit jumbled such as the constant reference to Bishop Sutton in all chapters even when I felt this story did not necessarily fit into the chapter title,which made for a slightly confusing read.

Overall I enjoyed learning about different topics within the football league and how a wide range of people are involved in the game at this level.

I would recommend this book to older avid sports fans who would like to learn something new.

Rating - 4/5

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