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World Soccer, A Football Fan's Best Friend.

World Soccer is an in depth football magazine that supplies great detail from football all over the world to its readers. It is a formal style football magazine designed for an informed audience or for anyone who wants to gain great football knowledge.

I like World Soccer because it gives an in depth look into peculiar and investigative stories that would otherwise remain unknown. The magazine tells these stories through its eye witness reports and world service columns included in it’s monthly magazine and includes a diverse range of topics from every corner of the globe such as corruption in the African game to a Cypriot club in exile.

World Soccer has a rich amount of journalists across the world from Tim Vickey and Keir Radnedge to networks of journalists in Asia and Africa which gives the content a sense of great research and experience. World Soccer does not limit itself to unusual coverage though as it also focuses on the most popular European sector of the game and this is shown in its player biographies and season reviews as well as a host of other articles which give a superb outline of different views of the ever evolving European game. I think World Soccer is one of the most topical football magazines as it gives a wide range of information to its readers covering lots of stories in an ordered and informative fashion either online or on paper.

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